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“Brighten Your Day!”

My name is Christine Coleman, owner of Sonny Marie’s. My son Danny was diagnosed with Celiac Disease at the age of 11. With drastic changes to our lifestyle, as a family we chose to join Danny on his fight against gluten.

It was extremely difficult to watch my son have to miss out on the pizza, the cake, or the donuts that all of his friends were sharing. It was those moments of ache that inspired me to develop a donut recipe so delicious that Danny would not know the difference. And I crushed it

I was very fortunate to have worked in the evenings, this gave me the free time to bake during the day. I came to the realization that there are mothers that just simply do not have the time to bake, and I felt a commitment to share my success with the community!

With over 20 ” I can’t believe it’s gluten free” options, I believe that no one should be deprived the joy of food, and that everyone should have a choice on the menu. A special thanks to the tremendous amount of followers from our community! I could not thank you enough for all of the support and warming stories you have shared with me!

That is what motivates me. I founded Sonny Marie’s so that everyone can flourish with their new lifestyles! We are eager to expand and share our delicious products with everyone…everywhere!

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